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Bariatric Practice Marketing

Karma Health brings a breadth of expertise in healthcare marketing, marketing to doctors, and helping to grow specialty medical practices. With a medical practice like bariatric medicine, you require a steady influx of leads to close the sale. We deliver that to you with our results-driven lead generation campaigns that make your bariatric surgery center thrive.

Your time is more wisely spent with patients to explain what they need to know about this complex medical procedure. Our partnership with you frees your time to do that. While you practice medicine, we invite new leads into your bariatric surgery practice. The branded, credible website we create has the tools you need in the back end of your site to optimize the patient engagement experience. We present you in a professional manner and maintain HIPAA compliance, as well. 

Grow Your Bariatric Surgical Practice From The Ground Up with Karma Health

Karma Health: 

  1. Drives more leads to your program
  2. Converts more leads from interested people
  3. Streamlines the patient experience
  4. Helps you manage the specialized care each patient requires
  5. Makes your office staff more efficient and productive
  6. Allows you to focus on best practices with back-end tools built into your site