Stay top-of-mind with timely, relevant communications to your patient base.

You can automate patient messages with unlimited customizations easily created with the Karma Health platform.

Email Marketing

Efficiently communicate with patients and make them comfortable.

Email marketing brings your brand, voice and services directly to patients — wherever they are, at any time of the day. Add text messaging to the equation and you have remarkable tools at your fingertips for patient communications. That’s solid ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Explore our marketing academy.

Karma Health clients have access to our robust library of marketing materials to help you better communicate with patients and prospects. 

Email & Text Marketing

Track results of Email & Text Marketing

When you customize medical marketing campaigns that speak directly to patients, your ROI improves exponentially from this engagement. Karma Health recommends using first names in communications; recognizing a birthday; and, sending other one-to-one notes that deliver attention to your patients.