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Grow your Practice

As a medical practice growth concierge, we influence the scalability of your physician practice. Karma Health offers you a growth solution that recruits, retains and engages patients.

We Use Analytical Intelligence
to Drive More Than 300% Patient Engagement

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Powerful Campaigns
that Bring Patients


Karma Health partners with physician practices that want to grow. We put patients first with powerful campaigns that build revenue, engage patients and enhance productivity. We focus daily on the analytics that tell the story about practice growth and patient behavior with programs that get results.

Dermatologist Marketing

Drive Performance


Weekly analytical research provides the data we need to strategically analyze and adjust campaigns to ensure competitive market positioning. With rigorous KPIs aligned to growth goals, we develop the campaigns that attract new patients and keep existing ones.

Analytics that Drive Performance
Business Performance Architecture

Business Performance


The performance of your business is critical for future growth. With Karma Health focused on patient engagement, growth tools, and productivity, we push consistent practice growth. The added conveniences for patients help them positively engage with your practice.

Grow Your Practice
And Attract
New Patients

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Realize 300% Growth with Karma Health

Attract More

Grow your physician practice with a positive online reputation. You attract more patients who return over and over again.

Boost Patient

Give patients customized scheduling and automated appointment reminders. Engage with satisfied patients.


Streamline back–office ops with patient engagement apps that reduce manual processes. Watch practice efficiency improve.


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Retain your patients
Digitize the end-to-end patient experience​
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Today’s physician practices need advanced tools to seamlessly communicate with patients. Are you satisfied with the tools you use? With Karma Health you get  an integrated solution that:

  • Makes your practice smarter with advanced tools integration
  • Streamlines your patient engagement
  • Your time spent communicating with patients is reduced, freeing up staff
  • Cost per patient acquisition is reduced

Retain your patients

Once patients are in the door, do you continue to nurture that relationship? When patients feel wanted, they remain loyal. Karma Health:

  • Puts the patient experience first in your practice
  • Provides the tools you need for advanced communication with patients
  • Frees up your staff from laborious phone calls to patients
  • Teaches you best practice in keeping patients in your practice

Digitize the end-to-end patient experience​

Think about it…how many manual processes does your practice still use and how about the amount of time wasted to engage with patients? With Karma Health:

  • Revolutionize the backend of your practice’s operations
  • Never let a patient fall through the cracks again
  • Boost efficiency with a new digital experience
  • Easily implement, streamline and engage with every single patient

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What’s New with Karma Health

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What Clients Say About Karma Health


Jeffrey Steinberg, MD
Headache and Pain Center

Karma Health has steadily grown my neurology practice since we began our partnership. They are responsive to my vision. I am extremely fortunate to have found this team, as they are far superior to others I’ve used in the past.


Susan B. Fox, DO, RPVI, FSVM
Fox Vein & Laser Experts

My vein treatment specialty practice expanded 300% since my affiliation with Karma Health. We’re entirely focused on patient engagement so growth continues successfully. I appreciate the team’s solutions that align with my business goals.


Cesar E. Ceballos, MD, FAAOS

Since we began our relationship, Karma Health has been tuned into the business and growth goals of our orthopedic practice. We’re excited about what’s happening and what’s to come with more solutions to invite more patients into our practice.


James Marinucci, CEO
Alleanza Group

Working with Karma Health is a breath of fresh air. They are exactly what my company needed to create a professional and sophisticated corporate brand while improving how we present services on a global scale.


Grow Your Practice
And Attract
New Patients

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