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Improve Patient Engagement to Retain Patients in Your Physician Practice

Improve Patient Engagement

In physician practice, when patient engagement is positioned at the top of the ladder, you’re signaling to patients that they are important. By improving patient engagement, you communicate and build a healthy relationship with the very people who pay your staff salaries. It may be challenging to consider a patient as your “employer,” so to speak; however, when the entire physician practice team regards the men, women and children who walk through the clinic door as a critical cog in the success of the physician practice, then all the better from all sides of the coin.

Even those healthcare practices offering telemedicine need to ensure that patients walk away from a virtual experience with a positive feeling and interest in returning to the practice for additional services or a six-month checkup.

Make Patient Engagement Easy For Patients

Improve Patient Engagement

When you boost relationships with patients, they walk away with a positive net promoter score (NPS). On a scale of one to 10, with the higher number being the best score, you want patients to share a positive physician experience with friends and family. Word-of-mouth referrals provide a wonderful way to attract new patients and keep existing ones. In fact, establish a loyalty program with Amazon gift cards to reward existing patients who refer new ones to the practice. Frontline staff who engage the most with patients can begin to inquire how new patients came to the practice.

In the digital age, people expect to have a digital experience especially in doctor’s offices. People no longer want to complete 15 pages of paper to become a new patient in a practice. Establish relationships with growth partners, like Karma Health, that can provide that seamless digital experience that benefits patients and practice staff, alike. Ultimately, the benefit for both sides is time.

Does Your Physician Practice Text Patients?

How do you communicate with your patients?

According to Pew Research, This means that Americans prefer the convenience of immediate communication for appointments, appointment reminders, and updates from physician offices. Whether your practice has attempted to implement SMS texting, or not, Karma Health recommends you try. Every new patient engagement tool you implement can be tested and tested again in small batches. Once you see the response from patients, you’ll be convinced!

Cancellations and Online Scheduling

improve patient engagement for your physician practice

Worried about how to manage cancellations online? When working with Karma Health, our tools allow patients to cancel appointments from an appointment reminder or request for an appointment.

By having consistent communication with patients, whether by text or email, your practice maintains that fluid relationship so people don’t forget and will keep their appointment. With digital tools, you give patients the opportunity to participate. Essentially, the goal is to reduce cancellations and no shows with better communication.

Another aspect of patient convenience is online scheduling. This may be advanced for your practice; however, with appropriate tools, it strengthens your ability to be efficient with appointments – the bane of every physician practice! Karma Health provides additional information about the best tools to integrate this feature.

Video Conversations Between Nurses, Physicians and Patients

Healthcare facilities remain cautious about COVID-19 with new strains and flu creating a toxic, viral nightmare. For the most sickly patients who fear for their health and prefer to stay home, physician practices can go a long way by offering video chats with certain patients. These conversations help maintain prescribed health regimens and ensure that providers know the health status of their patients, as well,

Implementing patient engagement software may be a challenge at the onset; however, when a physician practice wants to grow, then advanced digital technologies provide the opportunity for that growth. Ensure your physician practice is pointed in the right direction for expansion. By partnering with a company that knows the smartest approach with the best practices to streamline your practice and patient engagement methods, you’ll be well on your way to growth success in 12-to-18 months.

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