Ear Nose & Throat Physicians Medical Marketing Agency

The outlook for ear, nose and throat for ENT physicians remains competitive with a projected compound annual growth rate of nearly 6.5%. On a global scale, the market valuation of $16.15 billion puts growth to exceed $28 billion by 2030. Growth in the market can be attributed to the aging population and the ongoing prevalence […]

Integrative Medicine Physician Medical Marketing Agency

Integrative medicine marries conventional and traditional medical practices with other complementary approaches, like natural healing remedies, therapies and treatments. In this medical field, physicians explore the holistic body to understand systemic causes of disease, the effects of disease, and how everything fits to create symptoms in the human body. Essentially, physicians and patients partner together […]

Cardiology Physician Practice Medical Marketing

The cardiology physician practice is buoyed by a high incidence of heart disease mortality in the U.S., the highest of any disease. Men, women and racial groups suffer from the effects of cardiovascular disease. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “one person dies every 36 seconds in the United […]

Bariatric Surgery Medical Marketing Agency

The practice of bariatric surgery commands $1.83 billion of the market as forecasted in 2020. Mopreover, industry analysts predict it could grow to $4.81 billion by 2028 from its 2020 growth of $3.72 billion. As a market driver, obesity influences the upward trajectory of the industry. With the rising percentages of obesity in the U.S., […]

Optometry Practice Marketing Agency

Partner with Karma Health to Drive Growth in Your Optometry Practice The optometry practice industry is set to experience growth in the next few years. It is projected that the global optometry market will grow by $18.3 billion from its estimated worth of $60.6 billion in 2020 to a new estimate of $78.7 billion in […]

Neurology Physician Practice Medical Marketing

The neurology physician practice shows promise for expanded growth through 2024 when the industry improves by 4.1% growth rate. This includes a jump to $39.4 billion during the target growth period.  A variety of factors influence this growth. Among them, an aging population, the need for assistance with migraines, plus advancements in the fields of […]

Naturopathic Practice Marketing Agency

Let Karma Health Help Grow Your Naturopathic Medical Practice  Naturopathic medicine uses natural medications and therapies to treat maladies. Included are a variety of therapeutic treatments like massage, exercises, herbs, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling.  Naturopathy came into the U.S. in the 1800s from Germany, but some naturopathic treatments date from centuries before then. Today, naturopathic […]

Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Physician Practice

Dermatology Marketing

Grow Your Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Practice with Karma Health The medical spa and plastic surgery industries keep expanding every day because of the growing consciousness among individuals about the benefits of these services. In 2020, the global medical spa market was valued at $12 billion. The industry forecast indicates annual expansion at a […]

Concierge Medicine

concierge medicine

Is concierge medicine right for you? Do you know how it’s different from a traditional medical practice? For many people, the word “concierge” conjures an image of a uniformed or well-dressed employee at an expensive hotel who arranges tours and tickets for concerts for guests. Concierge medicine is a health care model in which a […]

Audiology Practice Marketing Agency

Audiology & Hearing Centers Marketing

Audiology doctor marketing for hearing aid centers is a competitive market. Similarly to other healthcare markets, the effect of COVID-19 on the audiology market created a glitch in growth resulting in a contraction. As a result, people elected not to consider hearing aids, and hearing aid clinics saw fewer patients. Still, the industry growth projection […]