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Medical competition in allergy and immunology comes in a variety of shapes. Competition comes from doctors opening new practices down the street to attract families needing medical doctors who specialize in respiratory diseases

Fierce Competition in Allergy and Immunology

Not only does it come from outside sources, competition comes from within, too. Other providers, like ENTs, family practice or internists, often offer similar medical counsel for families or children. What’s more, the proliferation of corner clinics staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants feeds the competitive environment. 

Beyond competition for patients, the entire medical industry is now suffering from a labor shortage throughout the ranks and also less reimbursement for services rendered. It takes specialized business and marketing teams, like Karma Health, to address this broad competitive spectrum so that immunologist physician practices are poised for growth.

Who Are Allergists and Immunologists?

An accredited physician specializing in allergy, asthma and immunology may have a core specialty in internal medicine and even pediatrics. Such medical doctors focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of issues relating to the immune system. 

Those physicians who earn board certification number around 4,500 throughout the U.S. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, asthma and other immune-system disorders. 

Many people who faced severe and lasting symptoms and effects of COVID-19 may have seen an immunologist for treatment. Other common ailments for which allergists treat patients are allergic rhinitis attributable to seasonal allergies or animal dander. 

The confusion about allergists centers around the broader aspects of immunology. Immunologists look for the root causes of reactions throughout the body as it pertains to the immune system. People may seek an allergist or immunologist to treat respiratory tract infections relating to rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma and other inflammations or disorders of the skin, GI tract, reactions to pharmaceuticals, and immunodeficiency. 

How Karma Health Helps

The challenges that allergists and immunologists face in the marketplace may be overwhelming; however, with the right partnerships in place, physicians can position their practice for expansion within three years. 

Karma Health brings a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in physician practice expansion, business, healthcare administration, digital marketing, finance, and more. Our team is broad with specialty partnerships to help identify and solve challenging trouble spots.  

We bring marketing expertise from nearly 20 years in the digital marketing space. We bring you expertise from years spent working in and with medical centers, health associations, clinical diagnostics, and more. Our leadership team understands the growth models for physician practices. What’s more, our commercial real estate team complete with builders and property designers understand the ins and outs of building clinics from the ground up. 

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Karma Health grows physician practices for expansion. Connect and join us as a partner to positively influence your marketing and growth strategy. 

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My physician practice required a strategy partner to push us to our growth goals. Karma Health is exactly that for us. We’re completely satisfied.



As soon as we started working with Karma Health, our team knew it was the right choice. We’re on track to grow 10% this year with their help.



The strategies that Karma Health put in place helped us move beyond a few challenges that troubled us. We’re delighted with our partnership.



We recommend Karma Health to other physicians. We couldn’t be more pleased with what they’re doing to help us grow faster.

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