14 Medical and Clinic Marketing Tips


Clinic Marketing Tips Attracting new patients to your clinic can be challenging, but with the right strategies in place, you can effectively market your services and grow your patient base. Here are some effective ways to get new patients to your clinic: Build a Strong Online Presence: In today’s digital age, having a strong online […]


Patient Engagement Software

Patient Engagement Software: Improving Healthcare Outcomes through Technology HIPAA-compliant Patient engagement software refers to a range of digital tools aimed at increasing patient participation in their own health and wellness. By providing patients with easy access to information, resources, and communication with their care team, HIPAA-compliant Patient engagement software helps individuals take a more active […]

Physicians And Recession: Will They Survive?

Physicians and Recession

Physicians and Recession Everywhere you go, the word “recession” whooshes from peoples’ lips; especially news commentators and social media iconoclasts. If recession inevitably rears an ugly head, as predicted in 2023, will physicians and recession be a good thing or bad? Typically, the healthcare industry insulates well against an economic downturn. That means physicians similarly […]

Improve Patient Engagement to Retain Patients in Your Physician Practice

Medical Team Meeting

Improve Patient Engagement In physician practice, when patient engagement is positioned at the top of the ladder, you’re signaling to patients that they are important. By improving patient engagement, you communicate and build a healthy relationship with the very people who pay your staff salaries. It may be challenging to consider a patient as your […]

Dermatology Industry Highlights For The Physician Practice

Dermatology Industry Highlights

Dermatology Industry Highlights Need to understand dermatology industry highlights? Informatively, here are some data that may help your dermatology physician practice with its marketing strategy. And, Karma Health, as your growth partner, helps drive strategy to fuel dermatology marketing and physician practice growth. In 2020, the global dermatology market size showed a valuation of $19,974.3 […]

Treating Physician Practice Employees With Workplace Wellness In Mind

Treating Physician Practice Employees

Physician Practice Employees With Workplace Wellness In Mind Burnout. Stress. Anxiety. Each holds momentous weight for employees in workplaces throughout the US and world. Moreover, physician practice employees suffer high levels of workplace anxiety and potentially career burnout. The culprit for workplace disengagement in the healthcare field? One can point a finger immediately at the […]

Understanding Concierge Medical Services for Physicians

Medical Concierge Services

Understanding Concierge Medical Services Concierge medicine is a trend that took physician practices by storm in the mid-to-late 1990s. Independent physicians in private practice wanted more time with patients. The HMO universe obstructed the doctor-patient relationship, and everyone suffered, including physicians. Many elected to leave private practice and launch a business in concierge medicine. Patients […]