Using text messaging makes communication with patients more effective

Karma Health provides a secure SMS tool so your front-office staff and providers can  chat with patients.

text messaging

Improve how you converse with your patients.

Digital communication with patients is the trend, and it shows no signs of stopping. Be in touch with your patients using a secure messaging platform. Help the front office reduce call volume while maximizing efficiency with doctors and patients alike. Send news from the practice, birthday greetings and office closings. Learn more about this efficient way to communicate. 


Explore our marketing academy.

Karma Health clients have access to our robust library of marketing materials to help you better communicate with patients and prospects. 

secure patient text messaging

Engage freely with secure patient text messaging.

In an Open Market survey, 63% of patients said they preferred texts over phone calls. One of the benefits of secure messaging is knowing your practice can finally meet patients where they are and lessen the disruption. Patient engagement has been shown to increase appointments booked and positively contribute to overall revenue. With two-way messaging from Karma Health, you can increase productivity and cost-efficiency with one convenient solution.