Reconnect with patients who haven't scheduled an appointment in a while with a recall campaign!

Integrated patient recall software is the key to coherent communication between your medical team, patients and their caregivers. Automated text & email messages sync in real time.

Integrated patient recall software

Reconnect with every patient in your database.

With automated patient recall software, you can rest assured that your staff is spending more time with patients and less on paperwork. Patients love the convenience of being able to book appointments from their smartphones!

automated patient recall software

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Automate new patient appointments

Automate new appointments and treatment adherence.

From recare reminders to digital patient intake, Karma Health delivers a seamless recall experience that keeps patients coming back to your practice – with no extra labor required. Giving patients the ability to book into your calendar directly from email or text increases conversion and delights patients while keeping them on track for their most important healthcare needs.

Manage patient recare with PM System syncs.

Patient recall software makes patient relationship management simple. To increase patient retention, sending postcards and phone call outreach often results in wasted time for your staff. Automated patient recall software is the solution that’s convenient both for your staff and your patients, and allows patients to book their appointments in real time from their smartphones.

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