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Audiology & Hearing Centers Marketing

Audiology Practice Marketing Agency

Audiology doctor marketing for hearing aid centers is a competitive market. Similarly to other healthcare markets, the effect of COVID-19 on the audiology market created a glitch in growth resulting in a contraction. As a result, people elected not to consider hearing aids, and hearing aid clinics saw fewer patients. Still, the industry growth projection through 2026 includes a rate of 2.4% to $2.5 billion.

Meanwhile, the aging population in the U.S. creates opportunities for hearing aid clinic growth. Moreover, more mobile devices in the hands of prospective patients makes hearing aids more searchable online with the potential for direct sales in addition to higher disposable income.

Understandably, changes in the regulatory landscape alter the way consumers purchase hearing aids. This may negatively impact the industry. People who hold private healthcare coverage for hearing aids will not increase. This, then, also negatively affects industry growth.

Competition in the Audiology Hearing Aid Clinics Market

The specialist who practices audiology is called anĀ audiologist. Audiologists are medical professionals who have advanced degrees in hearing, balance, and communication disorders.

Competition in audiology marketing and in growth of hearing aid clinics centers mainly on four companies holding the largest percentage of industry share. They include:

Each of these four companies has worked diligently to acquire smaller players to create a more profitable bottom line. Regardless of which corporation owns the hearing aid clinic, audiology marketing remains critical within communities.

Audiology Doctor Hearing Aid Clinic Marketing

Karma Health is a growth partner to hearing aid clinics and audiologists. With nearly 20 years in the digital marketing sector, Karma Snack provides the branding and marketing support to Karma Health.
Because large manufacturers entered the market with DTC sales, independent hearing aid centers need to be competitive in local markets to grab a share of the market.

Karma Health manages growth strategy for its clients much like a healthcare business marketing concierge. The firm sets up the hearing aid clinic for consistent growth over time and positions it for growth and expansion with new audiology centers once the foundation is secure for growth.
Having a growth partner with Karma Health positions audiology doctors at the forefront in a community so that new patients become familiar with the hearing aid center brand.

Reach Karma Health to learn more.