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Bariatric Surgery Practice Growth Partner

The practice of bariatric surgery commands $1.83 billion of the market as forecasted in 2020. Mopreover, industry analysts predict it could grow to $4.81 billion by 2028 from its 2020 growth of $3.72 billion.

As a market driver, obesity influences the upward trajectory of the industry. With the rising percentages of obesity in the U.S., and worldwide, bariatric surgery is a growth opportunity for physician practices.


Bariatric Surgery Trends Influenced By Socioeconomic Factors

In the U.S., in particular, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that 42.5% of adults over 20 years old were obese with a body mass index greater than 30. In addition, 9% were severely obese. People with severe obesity live in the range of more than a 40 body mass index. Astonishingly, predictions suggest that by 2030, one in two adults will be obese and severe obesity will plague 25% of the nation.

As a red flag, obesity is a dangerous disease as it compounds comorbidity. During COVID-19 pandemic, those living with obesity struggled due to the fact that COVID is a co-morbid condition to obesity. When people are obese and stricken with COVID-19, hospitalization occurs at triple the rate and intensive care with a ventilator are serious options.

Some states offer bariatric coverage in state-employee insurance plans. A variety of healthcare plans offer some coverage for bariatric surgery. This means people considering the surgery may elect to proceed if all the expense is not out-of-pocket.

Bariatric Surgery Marketing Opportunities

The decision to undergo bariatric surgery includes a steep curve. Many patients elect not to get the surgery, perhaps the high cost is an inhibitor or possible complicating factors may interfere. Others regard the need to  alter lifestyle and nutritional choices as daunting.

These implications create high-level opportunities for the bariatric surgery physician practice.
With Karma Health, a growth partner to physician practices, the challenges physicians face become marketing opportunities to educate and inform patients. Negative perception can be turned into positives with comprehensive bariatric surgery marketing strategy.
Turning patient perception into positive opinions with positive word of mouth and referrals requires an integrated marketing approach.

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Nearly 20 years of digital marketing support the Karma Health medical marketing agency. Karma Snack, the parent company of Karma Health, brings expertise in a plethora of marketing disciplines including, but not limited to: website design and development, digital advertising, persona development for keyword and psychographic analysis, social media marketing, content marketing, and data-driven results from daily data analysis from a variety of digital tools.

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