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Cardiology Practice Growth Partner

The cardiology physician practice is buoyed by a high incidence of heart disease mortality in the U.S., the highest of any disease. Men, women and racial groups suffer from the effects of cardiovascular disease. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “one person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. Moreover, about 659,000 people in the United States die from heart disease each year—1 in every 4 deaths.”

Globally, the World Health Organization estimates that in 2016 nearly 18 million people died from cardiovascular diseases. The world-wide market for interventional cardiology will continue to grow resulting in $21.88 billion in revenue.

Growth in Cardiology Physician Practices

Because of the growth in interventional cardiology, more medical devices are required to meet the demand. Hospitals in the public and private sector use more and more interventional cardiology products with steady growth through 2027. Public, as well as private sector hospitals, have started using interventional cardiology products.

The future of medical cardiology includes a dynamic and rapid device approvals market in interventional cardiology. Developers are working on innovation in the medical devices sector so that cardiologists can detect acute cardiac events earlier. Other advancements with artificial intelligence aim to improve guidance in the catheterization laboratory and with the analysis of datasets.

Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease And Growth Opportunities

With the higher numbers of obesity and other metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease continue to be a burden on the U.S. healthcare system and physician practices, alike.

Other influences causing a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease include poor nutritional choices, smoking, other risk factors, type 2 diabetes, poor exercise, and an aging population.

Basically, heart attack and stroke cause the highest rate of mortality, about 85% globally. This presents opportunity for cardiovascular physicians with a steady flow of people needing medical attention for their heart and associated diseases. Medical doctors that work in the interventional cardiology market assist patients with drug eluting stents, bio-absorbable stents, and bare metal stents; catheters, PTCA balloons, angioplasty, and imaging systems. Cardiovascular thoracic surgeons conduct heart bypass surgeries, valve repair and replacement, and a variety of other surgical procedures.

Cardiology Physician Practice Medical Marketing

With the continued competition for patients who require cardiovascular disease consultations, services and treatment, cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons must maintain a solid brand as thought leaders in their markets.

Karma Health, as a medical concierge and marketing agency, aligns with doctors to help them grow. As a growth partner in the digital marketing space, Karma Health implements the branding and marketing required to position cardiology physician practices among prospective patients.

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