Reproductive Medicine Marketing

Reproductive Medicine Marketing

Reproductive Medicine Marketing

Fertility Medicine Marketing

In the world of reproductive medicine, the bulk of therapies and treatments concern the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. In addition, a reproductive medicine physician can work with patients during puberty and even menopause. Contraception or sexual dysfunction are reasons why women and men will seek out a reproductive medicine physician.

Women and men interested in assistance with fertility treatment see doctors who specialize in reproductive medicine. These specialists deliver services oriented to in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, artificial insemination, and other treatments.

Worldwide, the fertility treatment market landscape is on track to grow at an impressive pace of 8 percent compound annual growth rate through 2025 marketing a $21.7 billion valuation. Since the pandemic, growth has steadily increased with more and more women and men seeking fertility treatment from their OB/GYN physicians.

Demand for Fertility Treatment Services

Demand for fertility treatment continues to rise with more people in the LGBT community and single women of childbearing age seeking services for their reproductive health.

As couples, partners, or single heads of household delay decisions to start a family as financial stability, disposable income, flexible insurance coverage, job security, and maturity play a role in that decision, more demand for fertility services will increase.

Add to that technological advancements in fertility treatment and assisted reproductive solutions then more reproductive medicine physicians and centers will see a bump in patient interest in medical services.

The age for first-time mothers has increased across the world as marriages are postponed, people are electing not to marry, and more women pursue career paths versus starting families.

Physicians That Specialize in Reproductive Medicine

Infertility plagues men as well as women. For men, a woman’s gynecologist can order a semen analysis. After that, a urologist with a specialty in reproductive health can guide a man through treatment to improve the chances of conception.

If a woman becomes a patient at a fertility clinic, she usually comes under the care of a reproductive endocrinologist or a team of reproductive endocrinologists who direct treatment. The larger clinics in metropolitan areas may also have an on-staff andrologist who manages male infertility issues or sexual dysfunction.

Women interested in fertility typically begin their journey with their gynecologist who may specialize in obstetrics, as well.

Marketing Fertility Services to Patients

Marketing and advertising continue to play an integral role in how reproductive medicine physicians inform potential patients of their services. With the internet and social channels creating a haven for group chats and word of mouth, doctors have greater opportunities to showcase their expertise and brand.

To that end, Karma Health provides growth solutions to reproductive medicine physicians. As an exclusive physician network, Karma Health builds referrals between physicians and also increases patient engagement within the practice.

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