Convert leads into patients with real-time scheduling.
With our appointment booking app, you can give patients access to your availability in real-time and schedule appointments on the go from anywhere.

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Automatically syncs with
your practice schedule

New appointments sync every 30 seconds or 200 times faster than alternatives, so you’re always up-to-date and never double-booked.

Customize the online scheduling form to attract more patients

Whether you have one physician or five in your practice, the patient booking form can be customized to your specification.

Integrates with your website and digital platforms

Offer patients the opportunity to schedule an appointment wherever they engage with your practice: on your website, on Facebook, or in an email newsletter.

Allow patients to book after hours with easy self-scheduling

Karma Health fully customizes your schedule right out of the box. Our team of product experts helps implement both your calendar of record and your EHR system – no matter how complex your schedule

Improve staff productivity with online patient scheduling

After hours, when your staff goes home, turn on the online scheduler so you engage with patients after hours.

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