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Integrative medicine marries conventional and traditional medical practices with other complementary approaches, like natural healing remedies, therapies and treatments. In this medical field, physicians explore the holistic body to understand systemic causes of disease, the effects of disease, and how everything fits to create symptoms in the human body.

Essentially, physicians and patients partner together to fully understand and dissect mind, body, spirit, and community. Each of these plays a role in overall health and wellness. For those people who believe in alternative medical practices, the integrative physician covers all possibilities in the diagnosis of systemic causes of health conditions.

Often, the integrative medicine physician chooses a path of natural and less-invasive methods to heal the patient. While some doctors of traditional medicine reject natural medicine and vice versa, those in practice with integrative medicine explore both avenues equally.


Integrative Medicine Industry Valuation

Globally, in 2021, the integrative medicine specialty that combines both traditional and alternative practices, reached a market value of US$100.04 billion. By 2027, this market is expected to grow by a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22% through 2028 reaching USD315.5 billion.

Throughout the entire medical spectrum, COVID continues to impact and influence how physicians deliver healthcare services to patients.

While the landscape may be changing due to COVID, there is a large opportunity for integrative medicine physicians to capitalize on educating people about the benefits of alternative therapies that complement traditional methodologies.

Karma Health Is Your Growth Partner

When integrative physicians work with Karma Health, the partnership that ensues is much like that of the physician and patient. We listen to understand your practice and people and only then do we dissect the opportunities, develop a strategy and implement the program.

Karma Snack powers Karma Health. The former, a digital marketing firm, provides the marketing foundation for Karma Health. With its proven campaigns, Karma Snack brings nearly 20 years in the marketing space. Clients represented by the Karma team include many physicians in a variety of medical specialties and alternative therapies.

So that integrative medicine physicians put a growth plan in place, meet with Karma Health to better understand how that happens. Karma Health is your growth partner.

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