Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing

Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Practice Growth Partner

Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing

The medical spa and plastic surgery industries keep expanding every day because of the growing consciousness among individuals about the benefits of these services. In 2020, the global medical spa market was valued at $12 billion. The industry forecast indicates annual expansion at a rate of 14.3% between 2021 and 2028.

The recognition of the advantages of anti-aging treatments, and self-care, and the growing wellness tourism sector have contributed to expanding the customer base for medical spas. In addition, medical spas offer non-invasive treatments like chemical peels and skin-tightening procedures to attract customers. The potential expansion in the customer base for medical spa services makes it imperative for medical spa companies and professionals to position themselves to capitalize on and harness this growth.

Plastic surgery has gained greater acceptance by the general public of late. It is regarded as an acceptable way to improve one’s body and thus improve confidence. As more and more people benefit from positive results and share positive word-of-mouth referrals, plastic surgeons realize a benefit from word-of-mouth marketing for such procedures as breast augmentation, buttock lift, and jaw or facial reshaping.

Karma Health Is Your Growth Partner

At Karma Health, we help you understand the various marketing challenges facing your practice, whether you’re in plastic surgery or in a medical spa. Our marketing system explores the obstacles you face that are preventing growth in your patient base. We audit and analyze solutions to grow your practice long-term with higher customer conversions.

Our teams place your services like acne treatment, chemical peeling of the skin, laser hair removals, photo-rejuvenation (for medical spas) and reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery (for plastic surgeons) in the right portals so customers who need such services can find you.

Beyond traditional digital marketing, Karma Health goes deeper. As your marketing officer, we’ll put your growth goals on overdrive. Want to grow your patient base and expand your practice? Contact us today at 954-710-9100 and witness the power of effective healthcare marketing.

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